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  • Low Cost LEO-Satellite Ancillary Revenue and Free Messaging System


    President Ron Chapman at Passenger Technology Solutions 2018

    What is fflya?

    fflya is specifically designed for low-cost airlines looking to benefit from increased ancillary revenue. 

    By implementing the fflya inflight live booking platform, airlines can now offer tours and attractions, airline products and services plus free passenger messaging.

    fflya leverages off the latest low earth orbit Iridium satellites with unique low-cost hardware that is simple to install and requires little or no modification to the aircraft. The fflya program is fully self funding so it can be implemented at no cost to your airline.

    Inflight retail, tours & attractions booking platform

    Tap into a lucrative business, this time in the air

    • Inflight is the perfect opportunity to present airline products and services plus tours and attractions as passengers are captive, cashed-up and excited about their destination
    • fflya delivers real-time relationship marketing with immediate impact
    • Passengers access the service through the airline's booking app, or a custom-built app

    How booking works

    1. fflya's tours and attractions are flight programmed to the aircraft destination so passengers can view exciting offers relative to where they are going
    2. Passengers can select coupons inflight and at their final destination, creating ongoing revenue opportunities for your airline
    3. Your airline makes money every time a passenger selects a coupon
    4. Airlines continue to generate revenue when the passenger returns home, as home is a destination too

    Free messaging

    • fflya's platform incorporates messaging, improving the passenger travel experience by connecting them with family and friends, and enhancing the brand relationship with your airline

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