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  • fflya system

    fflya opens the inflight imagination of airline passengers by delivering exciting destination tours and attractions offers before they land, and reconnecting them with family and friends through free messaging. 

    Only ASIP Tech has the unique fflya network that can deliver this exclusive inflight service. 

    It is made possible by the integration of the latest generation App technology, Bluetooth Smart, and narrowband and micro-satellite protocols. 

    Bluetooth Smart

    Bluetooth Smart keeps everyone connected as it maintains a status of what devices are onboard and active. 

    What makes it unique is the link automatically activates when a user sends a message of processes a transaction, completing these events in milliseconds. As a results, no one person can occupy a large portion of the bandwidth at any point in time. 

    The end result is an uncomplicated secure system that does not require expensive broadband satellites to deliver travel offers or free communications. 

    Proven Technology

    fflya technology is flight proven over two years having been commissioned on over 60 business jets operating across the Asia Pacific, the America's, Europe, and the Middle East. 

    Our world's first Bluetooth Smart platform is in operation on European charter fleet operator Jetfly and on USA fleet operator Emergency Airlift. 

    Airline Testing

    We conducted live testing on an Airbus A380 and Boeing B777 with successful results. 

    fflya was also commissioned on an Airbus A340 for network validation testing.


    Architectural Schematic (png)